What does the ADSL speed test measures?

The ADSL speed test provides results taking as reference data download speed in the user PC, since the latter receives more information that it is sent when surfing the internet. Technically, the possibilities gathered by the ADSL speed test are measured by the elapsed time when the user starts downloading a file (TC=getTime()), and when it finishes downloading, taking into account the size -in bytes- of the package sent. ADSL speed is measured by the quotient resulting from the time and the size of the package sent. For the test to measure the data properly, it will be necessary that the PC in which is performed the test is only using nothing other than a web browser with internet connection. Moreover, it is recommended to close all tabs and web browsers containing other websites. It’s always advisable to perform the test with the highest amount of available resources, essential when tested in a LAN with other PCs using broadband

Getting accurate results in a broadband test can be tricky!

There’s more than meets the eye when performing an ADSL speed test. Whenever you measure your DSL or ADSL broadband speed, you have to take into consideration that packets travel through broad band.
The test must also take into consideration the technology used to deliver these packets and the variants that may fluctuate in your ADSL speed. To get results as accurate as possible, our internet test was developed with the most sophisticated speed test techniques by using servers spread throughout the world so that the speed test could be as consistent as possible when users surf the web.
When it comes to preparing our speed test, since the test design must be clear and user-friendly, we also need to consider the presentation and accuracy of the results provided.

How is the upload speed of my ADSL connection measured?

To perform an ADSL upload test, we use a default amount of UDP packets of uniform size at a rate slightly higher than the nominal tested ADSL. In order to perform a test with a slightly higher rate than the one that is recommended by the default, it is necessary to saturate the broadband test.
The processes in our servers dedicated to test ADLS speed, return an echo of the packets sent as they reach the server. The time difference, T, is measured between the arrival from the first to the last packet the user receives.

How is the download speed of my ADSL connection measured?

A server traffic generator is reserved for the speed test, generating download traffic for ADSL users. It is a process specifically designed to receive that kind of information, measuring the arrival time of packets. Given the nature of ADSL connection (where download speed is much greater than upload) the client cannot create an echo of the packets sent. In this case it is used the same user PC to measure the download speed of the ADSL user.