Measure WIFI speed

One of the most common issues encountered when performing a speed test is that people tend to do so by using a Wi-Fi connection. At we recommend performing the test using a RJ45 cable from your router straight to our PC. In many cases users will instantly notice a major improvement over a Wi-Fi Connection. This is mostly due to the fact that sometimes, Wi-Fi routers signal is not strong enough or your PC is not in a good signal range causing data and packet loss.

Also, another reason for connection troubleshooting is the amount of active Wi-Fi connections within range, causing signal interference. This issue is among the most common ones since Wi-Fi networks are increasing by the day, and within a same area this problem tends to increase considerably.
To deal with this problem, place your router in an area with few walls in between. The center of the house might be a good spot. You may also change the band type emitted by your Wi-Fi router. In order to do this, you’ll have to view the router manual, and if none of the previous alternatives fixes your problem, you can set a PLC network. You can mount PLC terminals -usually sold at computer shops- using regular electricity plugs, that is to say, setting up a local network without covering your house with cables all over the place. Simply connect the router to a PLC terminal using a RJ45 cable and your PC to another PLC terminal. This is also very useful to connect your Xbox/Xbox360 or PlayStation 3 and 2 console so you can transfer files faster from your PC to your Console, enabling you to play multimedia files without freezes or playback issues.