Speed test Titan

Titan is perhaps the ISP that grew the most during the last few years in the United Kingdom. Based on its powerful connection and the trust they gained from their customers, the company managed to enter the market reaching quality services and a client list from main multinational ADSL companies.
Without a doubt the major attraction of Titan is its 24 MBs broadband connection for all their customers at a very affordable price.
The secret lies in the different plans the customers can choose depending on the gigabytes he/she wishes to have at their disposal.
Therefore, the customer can choose a 24 MBs ADSL connection with 6/20/45 or 110 GB of download capacity based on the user needs.
Taking into account the company is relatively new compared to others in the market, there haven’t been complaints on behalf of the users as regards their services.
Still, we have seen customers reporting issues regarding connection slowdowns. These slowdowns occur randomly and quite often and they cause the connection to malfunction and downloads to perform below average speed, unlike stated in the contact. Some of the issues cannot be solver since they’re related to the company itself, but still, you can perform a speed test, a tool that will basically test our upload and download speed and show the actual speed and performance of our ADSL connection. These online speed tests -found on numerous sites- are of great use to gather accurate data regarding your internet connection. With these speed tests you can know whether or not your ISP is cheating your speed.